Monday, September 1, 2008

College Football-Week One

Week one of the college football season has come and gone, and though there were minimal upsets, there's definitely a lot that can still be taken away from this past weekend's games.

1. The ACC is in for another tough year.
I can remember once having a debate with a friend of mine as to which was the stronger conference, the Big Ten or the ACC. Nowadays, you can pretty much flip a coin. The ACC had a terrible opening weekend, highlighted by NC State's goose egg against a mediocre South Carolina team that threw four picks, Alabama's absolute beatdown of what was supposed to be a hugely talented Clemson team, and Maryland beating Delaware by a single touchdown, in a 14-7 game (Delaware!). Power conference, this is not.

2. Georgia will not be in this year's national title game.
This one is more of a prediction than an observation, but taking into account Georgia's brutal schedule (at Arizona State, at LSU, at Auburn), combined with the loss of impact DT Jeff Owens, it's safe to say that Georgia wont be making it to a national title game.

3. Ohio State sure can beat Youngstown.
I know. The Big Ten is a mess. Ohio State has all the talent. They can just walk back in to the national title game. I don't think so. Take a look at that schedule. Ohio State goes to USC, they go to Wisconsin, and they go to Illinois, who beat them last year in their own house. I'm not saying Ohio State can't win all these games, I'm just saying don't just automatically think they're going to the title game. They'll sweat a bit this year. Especially with Beanie Wells' status so uncertain.

4. Juice Williams has evolved into a very talented quarterback.
Missouri proved they are clearly a national title contender. But Juice Williams proved he has grown up as a passer. His passes were placed perfectly, he has great touch on the ball, and he gives the Illini a great chance to take the Big Ten this year (if they can find their run game without Rashard Mendenhall).

Juice is ready to lead the Illini to a Big Ten title and their second consecutive Rose Bowl appearance.

5. Frank Beamer messed up.
Sean Glennon is not the man to lead the Virginia Tech offense. He looked stale, nervous, and unfocused in his two pick, no TD performance against ECU. Tyrod Taylor is the more dyanimc, explosive athlete. He is the future, and he should be starting, not redshirting.

6. Appalacian State was never really that good.
Michigan was just a terrible team last year. Oh, and my final point-

7. Michigan could be this year's Notre Dame.
While Michigan's defense turned it on in the second half, making some key stops, calling the offense horrible is somewhat insulting to the word "horrible." Threet and Sheridan weren't just bad, they were terrible, over and under throwing their recivers and constantly chucking the ball down the field in the hopes that someone would pick it up. That said, this is a growing year for Michigan. Coach Rodriguez's track record shows that after getting the initial growing pains, his teams thrive under his sytem, and once he is able to recruit some players who can actually run his offense, Michigan will be just fine. But something just seems wrong when a season opener loss at the Big House is par for the course.



Lord Scroop said...

I don't care if it's a "growing year" for Michigan; if Threet is going to be the primary quarterback now with Sheridan's injury, then he'd better learn to keep his peripheral vision open, instead of looking downfield like a stock horse with blinders on each side. He has no pocket presence, and is scared to even be in the pocket to begin with. I think I counted the ball being slapped out of his hand five times, not including the other times where kept on holding onto the ball until he either ran to the sidelines to get his sippy cup or end up in a monster tackle. And yet, I believe Threet had a better record that game than Sheridan, throwing one TD pass with no interceptions. Unbelievable.

Go Utes!

Kennedy said...

Scroopulous is right. Threet reminds me of John Navarre on his worst day. It's going to be a long year...