Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Long Vacation, Blue Nation

I was just scrolling through a couple of my friends' blogs and realized that we are linked on at least three, all with the following caption: (Last posted 3 months ago). Thus I am struck to revive this sleeping giant in the same way Rich Rod will revive Michigan (more to follow). Shylock, to his credit, has reminded me many times that we had to get an update in, but, to his detriment, is constantly asking for ten bucks - so I ignored him.

A few quick hitters from the past three months that might be worth mentioning:

2) We got together in DC, for this.
3) Jimmy was in a movie, and was great.

Now to the main topic, and I promise this is my last post on Michigan until my next post on Michigan: THIS YEAR SUCKED.

You may remember from August a tiny little promise this intrepid reporter made on this very posting medium:

"The University of Michigan Football Team will win 10 games this year."

A self-aggrandizing proclamation of elitist reasoning follows with the ultimate climax in challenging all apologists and "self-proclaimed realists." Needless to say, that humble pie tasted awful, and I ate it all year. It still hurts, in places. This was the worst season in Michigan Football history in terms of losses, and I bet the combined emotional pain of us die-hards. The coaching staff didn't always have the best players on the field on defense (we were running a 3-3-5 until mid-season), and the offense was an unmitigated disaster. Why Justin Feagin was scarcely used is beyond me, and Threet and Sheridan are going to look great carrying clipboards next year. Everyone deserves blame, including Lloyd Carr for putting all his eggs in one basket (Ryan Mallet).

But let not your heart be troubled! After all, it can't get any worse! We have a solid recruiting class coming in with guys like Justin Turner, Anthony LoLata and Craig Roh coming in. Not to mention our two stellar QB recruits: Tate Forcier and well-named Shavodrick Beaver. RichRod is a fantastic coach, has faced adversity at every level and knows how to win. Besides, with the plethora of idiocy that seems to have infected the coaching hirings this off-season (Lane Kiffin to Tennessee? wtf?), who would you rather have?

Michigan will be back. In the mean time, you can watch the basketball team continue to beat top 5 teams. Or you could just stare at beauty too glorious for words:

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