Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Does It Taste?

Couldn't disagree more with Shy. Come on! This is hilarious! I am neither a Shaq or Kobe fan, but this video is funny on so many levels. First of all, the rap is AWFUL, which only adds to the flavor! I especially love when he vamps at the end, having clearly ran out of creative inspiration/pre-written material. But he makes it work when he gets the crowd of underage teens at the club to all scream in unison, "Tell me how my ass tastes!" I will undoubtedly be using this phrase in Halo 3 soon.

On the credentials debate: Shaq has nothing left to prove to the league. Yes, Shy, Kobe is the MVP this year and his team went to the NBA Finals where they got cock-slapped by the Celtics. But guess what, Shaq got to the Finals two years ago and he WON when he got there. Shaq's won MVP's before when he had to share the ball with Kobe! The Big Aristotle doesn't need to win again to prove anything. Shaq was the most dominant and feared player in the league for the last ten years. At some point, he's going to age and lose that title. But I don't think there's any harm in having a little fun with the guy who ran you out of town.

Tell me how my ass tastes.


Seth said...

Remember when Shaq used to play in Orlando? That was MAGICal!!!!

Kennedy said...

...thank you very much Seth.