Thursday, June 26, 2008

South Beach Dumbasses

The NBA Draft will be commencing in just a few hours, and the debate about not only who should go #1, but who should go #2, rages on as well.

Clearly, Derrick Rose is the top prospect in the draft. He's going to be an excellent point guard in the NBA - he's tough, gets to the rim, and is sexy smooth. His performance in the NCAA Tournament this year solidified him as an elite talent, and I almost rode his ass to a win in bracketology (thanks Mario Chalmers). But what in the world is Chicago thinking taking Rose first overall? Yes, his passion for Chicago has been clearly stated:
"(If I get passed on by the Bulls) I'll hate it. Anybody would hate their hometown not taking you, knowing that it could happen," Rose said. "But the biggest thing was playing in the NBA. My work ethic isn't going to change."
But you don't take a player simply because he wants to play for you, the most important issue in drafting a player is to shore up your weaknesses, and excuse me if I'm not thrilled with Mr. Noah's low-post ability.

Bottom line: Chicago should take Michael Beasley #1 overall. Forget about the character issues, the kid has a sense of humor and isn't a robot -- he's going to make mistakes. But Beasley is going to be a top scorer, and could come in and help the Bulls right away with a flexible inside-out game that the Bulls have been missing for years. In short, Beasley would be a tough match-up for a lot of opponents.

The same goes for the Miami Heat. The general consensus is that Chicago is going to take hometown kid Rose as their floor general of the future, leaving Beasley to fall into the laps of the hapless Heat. Bottom lime here: Miami definitely should take Michael Beasley #2 overall. Don't give me Udonis Haslem, don't give me Ricky Davis, Beasley is straight-up dynamic, and wouldn't have to counted on to score right away. He could grow into his position as the third option behind D-Wade and Shawn Marion. The problem here is that Miami might not take him - most reports have them citing character issues. Instead, they want to take OJ Mayo. Ummm, what? Sure, take the guy who accepted thousands of dollars in benefits instead.

Hey Miami, if you pass on Beasley, you deserve every loss you get next year, and I hope there's 72 of them. You can kiss Wade goodbye after the season (free agency), and Riley might finally run out of the hair oil and denture cream required to get him up in the morning.

Beasley wasn't considered as good as Tyler Hansblow for nothing. Don't make the mistake on passing up both an intriguing personality and super-upside player.

And 1.

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