Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A little hatred with your morning coffee?

Gotta talk about Don Imus here. Seems like this guy just can't stay out of the spotlight! His recent comments about Adam "Pacman" Jones, can be seen below.

Imus is now saying that what he meant was to stick up for Pacman, that he was implying (somehow) that Pacman's repeated arrests were only happening because he is black, and that he was sticking up for Pacman. Now, maybe that's what he meant. Maybe Imus is all about sticking up for the little guy now, and has been tragically misunderstood here. But I'm going to have to doubt that. If Donny Imus had half a brain, he'd know that there is a massive target on his back, and that the last thing he should even think about doing is making any kind of comment about the black community. That said, Imus is a shock jock, he has made his name saying stuff like this, and only recently has anyone cared. Let's go in the way back machine for a minute. The following information comes from

"Shortly before Christmas last year, syndicated radio star and MSNBC host Don Imus called the book publishers Simon & Schuster “thieving Jews” (Imus in the Morning, 12/15/04), returning to the subject later in the program to offer a mock apology, saying that the phrase he used was “redundant.”" (

Hmm. Now that is interesting. How about the incident with MSNBC News Anchor Contessa Brewer?

“That skank has to spend three hours with makeup in the morning … Who’s she kidding? . . . Plus, she’s dumber than dirt … Oh, my God, what a pig. But I was willing to cut her some slack and not say anything, you know, until - in fact, I didn’t say anything . . . That’s why they have those big double-doors there at MSNBC, you know, so they can get her fat ass in makeup.” (

Those are two horrible, disgusting, anti-semitic and sexist comments that Imus made four and three years ago, respectively. Both flew WAY under the radar by comparison to the recent comments.

I'm not saying that what he said about the Rutgers team was right. And I'm not saying that the Pacman comments were right. What I'm saying is, there are two choices here. Either this man is a racist, or he makes his money off playing one on the air. Not only that, but he's been doing it for a long time. So here's my question. How come it took him offending someone black to become such a national issue? The "nappy headed hoes" comment seems tame compared to these two. Why is this kind of hatred allowed to be nationally broadcast for as long as it has been?


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