Friday, July 11, 2008

Hang It Up, Favre

Sorry for the long delay between posts, both Shylock and I met up in good old Ann Arbor for an epic reunion/vacation - there was some vomiting going on, and that's when you know you're having a good time.

Unfortunately that can't last forever, otherwise we'd all suffer from:

And so we're back, today riffing on the i'm-retired-no-wait-i'm-back-ok-i'm-retired-no i'm-100%-in-this-now, soon to be free agent QB, formerly known as the amazing Brett Favre. Apparently, Brett really wants to come back, and without the Packers no less!

I see both sides of the fence here, and thus will argue with myself about this:

Todd Packer: You have the guy who put the Packers on the map and has performed exceptionally well over the course of his entire career, including last year! Surely the Packers should make room if he wants to come back! You're going to pass up a Hall of Famer for an unknown? Where is Aaron Rodgers? Sniffing some dude's thong? Probably...

Packers GM Ted Thompson: Brett Favre, Schmett Favre. This guy does this to us EVERY YEAR, and ya know what? I'm tired of it. He flip flops more than a politician in an election year (really funny, right?). Rodgers is a young talent who's going to surprise a lot of people. Since Brett left us (again), we've moved on and believe Aaron is going to give us the best chance of winning now and in the future.

Todd Packer: Pac-Man need a drinkie -- with Brett! Favre. Tall. Strong. Handsome as ever. Hey, everyone it's me, Brett:

Kennedy back now, and as much as I love Todd, I think the GM is right here. Brett goes out crying every year and somehow comes back as if nothing ever happened. Sure he's good enough, and he's done so much for the Packers, but at some point the organization needs to move on. That being said, I look forward to Brett giving it another run, and hopefully with this team:

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