Saturday, July 12, 2008

He shoots into the secondary...literally...

I don't know about you, but when I read about off season college football news (which I do way too often), I like to hear about things like who's transferring, who's improving, or sleeper BCS picks. So I was pretty ticked off when I went on's college football section and found these stories greeting me.

Michigan RB pleads not guilty to drunken driving
Ohio St.'s Clifford charged with punching 2 in bar
San Jose State LB sentenced to 45 days in jail
Tennessee punter pleads guilty to drunken driving
Indiana reinstates QB Lewis after suspension
Florida State's Bellamy (blood clot) out for season
Louisville WR Spillman dismissed from team

Now, all my sympathies to to Mr. Bellamy, and congrats to Lewis for his reinstatement, but that being said, this is ridiculous! Athletes at the top universities in our nation (Ohio State excluded, obviously) are getting free rides to go to school and are still pulling this kind of junk. It makes me sick. There are hundreds to people who would give anything to play a single down in a college game, and these kids, who get to do it every season, would rather drive drunk and attack people. The NCAA should have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of bull. The fact that five out of seven top stories have NOTHING to do with football, and everything to do with lack of discipline is just sad. And then we wonder why pro athletes get in this kind of trouble-because this stuff has been tolerated for their entire althetic career. It's just something that happens all the time.

I rest my case.


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Seth said...

look at the smug look on lawyer number 2's face in that picture.

on topic, i agree that the NCAA should instigate a no tolerance policy. this would hopefully get rid of the college star mindset that leads to this behavior. These players are not as untouchable as they think and they should be cut at the first sign of irresponsible behavior. These players seem to think that a scholarship is insuring them the limelight and a spot in the NFL. They forget that they are still students, and as students should be learning how to behave like a responsible adult.